Spartan Power Energy Meter Electricity Usage Monitor SP-PM120

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The Spartan Power SP-PM120 digital power meter electricity usage monitor with large LCD screen and yellow backlight supplies you with data on the power consumption of connected electrical devices. With the push of a button, you can quickly and easily see the power measurements such as Voltage, Amperage, Power, Frequency, Power Factor and Overload. You can also enter your electricity rate and then display the actual costs you are paying!

The SP-PM120 also displays the total consumption over a measured period of up to seven months and the corresponding operation time.


SP-PM120 Features & Specifications

  • Large yellow backlit LCD display
  • Ability to run on batteries
  • Input/output Voltage: 120V ~ 60Hz
  • Power consumption: Max. 15A
  • Voltage measurement range: 110V – 120V
  • Current measurement range: 0.001A to 15A
  • Power measurement range: 0.23W – 1800W
  • Frequency display: 46–65Hz
  • Resolving power: 0.001 Watts
  • Consumption measurement: 0–999,999 kWh
  • Greenhouse gas emissions:0–999,999 kg
  • Display time: up to 9,999:59 hhhh:mm
  • Consumption representation: 7 days and/or 7 months


Displaying measured values:
The LCD display continually cycles through different measured values. The following values are displayed:

  • V (Grid voltage in volts)
  • A (present current in amps)
  • W (power consumption in watts)


Individual display of measured values:
You can abort the automatic display mode by pushing the button VALUE / +. The following values can be selected by repeatedly pressing the button VALUE / +:

  • V: (mains voltage in volts)
  • A: (present current in amps)
  • W: (power consumption in watts)
  • Hz: (grid frequency)
  • cosφ: (power factor)
  • A MAX: (current maximum value in amps)
  • W MAX: (maximum consumed power in watts)


Display of consumption values:
Measured consumption values can be accessed by pushing the button DISPLAY / – The following values can be accessed by pushing the button DISPLAY / – repeatedly:

  • TIME: (current time)
  • kWh TOTAL: (total consumption in kWh)
  • TOTAL TIME: (total measurement time)
  • TOTAL COST: (costs for the total measurement time)
  • GHG: (greenhouse gas emissions CO2 in kg)


Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG):
The production of energy releases greenhouse gases (among others carbon dioxide CO2), which places a burden on the environment. With this device, you are able to determine how much CO2 is released by an energy supplier with the measured kWh value. There are different CO2 equivalents depending on the type of energy. The CO2 equivalent indicates how much of a defined quantity of a greenhouse gas contributes to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide serves as a comparison value.

The factor for the CO2 equivalents is entered in the device in kg/kWh and displayed accordingly in kg/kWh. You can find information on the CO2 equivalents to be entered on your power bill and on the internet, technical manuals or by contacting your energy supplier.


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