Spartan Power Welding Cable


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Spartan Power welding cable is designed for use in electric arc welding machines to power an electrode, a specially designed metal rod, that conducts a charge. The charge carried by the electrode is needed to produce an electric arc, the heat source, between the electrode and the metals being welded. Spartan Power welding cable is crafted to be extremely flexible & durable, and make good battery cables when you need to bend the cable a lot to run it around tight RV, van and marine applications.

A durable cable is important in industrial environments where abrasions, cuts, burns from sparks, and oil and water exposure can quickly wear out a weaker cable.

Spartan Power Welding Cable Description:

  • High Quality: Same amazing, premium quality cable that we use for our renowned Spartan cables, extra flexible and now available in bulk so that you can make your own cables!
  • Heavy Duty: Rated for up to 600 volts and ready for work in the toughest conditions; Withstanding temperatures from -58°F to +221°F, these cables are truly prepared for whatever you throw at them
  • Premium Casing: Our cables feature an ultra-flexible EPDM jacket that is resistant to heat, abrasion, tear, moisture, and oil, with paper separators for ease of stripping when making your own cables
  • A Multitude of Uses: Great automotive cable replacements for any type of motorized vehicle, from trucks and cars to motorcycles and motorhomes, RVs, campers, boats, and golf carts; Ideal for DC applications that involve high-voltage batteries where pure copper is recommended
  • Giving Power to The People: Helping people arm themselves with the right tools and accessories, Spartan Power manufactures ultra-high quality, Made in the USA battery cables every day in Reno, Nevada; Trusted by professionals, enthusiasts, and DIYers everywhere


100% Pure Copper Welding Cable Sizes and Strand Counts:

6awg – 259 Strands
4awg -385 Strands
2awg -651 Strands
1/0 AWG – 1026 Strands
2/0 AWG – 1254 Strands
4/0 AWG – 2052 Strands

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