Spartan PowerUp SP-DK500 Automatic Refrigerator System


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There’s an age old question as to whether or not it’s legal / illegal to run your propane while traveling down the road in your RV. Even if it is legal in your state, is it really a good idea? What would your insurance agent say?

The Spartan Power PowerUp system answers that question by solving the problem at hand in a safe and simple to install solution! The Spartan Power PowerUp system automatically switches your RV refrigerator from gas power to electric power when driving the RV and returns it back to gas when the engine is stopped. No interaction is necessary by the RV user.



  • SAFETY – The RV industry for many years has stated that the refrigerator should be turned off while traveling to prevent propane gas use while driving. The potential exists for the propane flame to be extinguished by wind with the danger of a fire or explosion.
  • CONVENIENCE – No need to remember to turn off the refrigerator before driving and on when stopping.
  • EASE OF USE– Since the PowerUp is automatic, no interaction is needed to make it operate.
  • PROPANE SAVINGS – Up to a gallon of propane per week can be saved. ( Based on 5 days, 8 hours driving per day on a typical 2 way Refrigerator )
  • NEW RV’s INCLUDED – Many new RV’s are equipped with large inverters that will run the refrigerator as well. Once parked you still need to turn the refrigerator to gas to reduce battery usage. Additionally, larger inverters typically use 60watts or more of DC power just to be on so the efficiency is poor.


Dimensions: 16 X 4.75 X 7” (L X W X H)
Nominal Power: 560-650 watts
Max power: 800 watts
Weight: 16 lbs
Warranty: Spartan Power warranties this product for 5 years.


Basic Operation:
The RV user places the refrigerator in “Auto” mode. When the engine is started the PowerUp starts a 10 minute wait cycle. This is done to allow for short moves of the RV before switching to electric. Once the 10 minute wait time passes the Powerup will power the refrigerator with 120VAC and turn the gas off. Once the engine is stopped the Powerup will then switch the refrigerator back to gas operation.


Installation is possible by owners and easily done by RV technicians. Battery power and a positive power source operated by the ignition switch is required to operate it. The output is tied in series with the existing 120VAC power line to the refrigerator. The unit can be installed in a remote location as there are no operator controls.

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Weight 16 lbs