Spartan Power Battery Cable with Anderson Connector


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Spartan Power UL Listed battery cable with an Anderson quick disconnect and a 3/8″ ring terminal. 10 AWG = SB50, 4 AWG = SB120, 2 AWG = SB120, 1/0 = SB175


MADE IN THE USA! Lifetime Crimp Warranty! Spartan Power will replace or fix any cable for life! USA!


420 strands of 100% pure copper cable.


Same beveled, seamless tubular, tin plated copper ring terminals used on all terminated Spartan Power battery cables.




The Spartan Take

We’re all about giving power to the people. That means providing high-quality, effective resources that you can use to power your life and the spaces that you live in and drive in every day. You know how to use these products. You know how to install them yourself. These are tools made for the American DIYer, so that together we can go farther, faster.

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SB 50A, SB 120A, SB 175A


10 AWG, 4 AWG, 2 AWG, 1/0 AWG


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