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Spartan Power Small Fuse Holder Kits come with our Lifetime Fuse Holder Warranty! These ANL fuse kits come with 5/16″ stainless steel posts and made from a very durable glass-filled nylon material. Our kits come in two formats, the Standard Kit comes with: a fuse, fuse holder, fuse protector & terminal covers. The Deluxe Kit comes with a 12 inch cable to connect the fuse holder to a battery.


Spartan Power Small ANL Fuse & Holder Features:

  • Standard ANL Fuse Kit includes 80A, 100A, 150A, 200A or 250A ANL fuse, fuse holder, fuse protector and terminal covers
  • Deluxe ANL Fuse Kit includes Standard Fuse Kit and a 12 inch battery cable
  • Posts: 5/16″
  • Base Material : Glass-filled nylon
  • Protective Cover: Protects conductive areas from accidental shorts, complying with ABYC / USCG safety requirements
  • Connection Post Material : Stainless Steel
  • Lock Washer Material : Stainless Steel
  • Flat Washer Material : Brass
  • Conductive Spacer Material : Nickel-Plated Copper

Deluxe Kit Include Cable Sizes:

  • Under 200A: 4 AWG
  • 200A – 300A: 1/0 AWG
  • 400A & Higher: 4/0 AWG

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Small Fuse Holder Only, 80A Kit, 100A Kit, 150A Kit, 200A Kit, 250A Kit, 80A Kit w/Cable, 100A Kit w/Cable, 150A Kit w/Cable, 200A Kit w/Cable, 250A Kit w/Cable