Small ANL Fuse Kits

Spartan Power 150A & 200 ANL fuse holder kits are be used with power inverters, in between the inverter and your batteries or battery bank on the positive side. The fuse kits are Made in the USA, and come with our Lifetime Fuse Holder Warranty! The 150A ANL fuse kits come with 5/16″ posts and are a perfect compliment to Spartan Power 4 AWG battery cables on inverters rated to 1500 watts. The 200A ANL fuse kits also come with 5/16″ posts and should be used on inverters rated under 2000 watts in conjunction with our 1/0 AWG cables.


Spartan Power Small ANL Fuse & Holder Features:

  • Made in the USA!
  • ANL Fuse Kit includes 80A, 100A, 150A or 200A ANL fuse, fuse holder, and cover
  • Available Posts: 5/16″
  • Base Material : Glass-filled nylon
  • Protective Cover: Protects conductive areas from accidental shorts, complying with ABYC / USCG safety requirements
  • Connection Post Material : Stainless Steel
  • Lock Washer Material : Stainless Steel
  • Flat Washer Material : Brass
  • Conductive Spacer Material : Nickel-Plated Copper