Spartan Power Dual Power Transfer Switches

Great for off-grid solar and wind applications! Spartan Power has three different models of their dual power solar and wind transfer switch controller.  The SP-4500-12 is configured for 12VDC & 120VAC, the SP-4500-24 is configured for 24VDC & 120VAC, and the SP-4500-48 (coming soon) is configured for 48VDC & 120VAC. All dual power transfer switch controllers are capable of a maximum of 4500 watts.  The Spartan Power SP-TS4500 Series  allows for trouble-free operation of inverters and AC mains in the same circuit. The dual power transfer controller switches automatically between inverter and AC mains while protecting the inverter against external voltage. In addition, it offers the possibility to choose the battery power prior between the two power sources.

  • Spartan Power 12 Volt Dual Power Solar & Wind Transfer Switch SP-TS4500-12

  • Spartan Power 24 Volt Dual Power Solar & Wind Transfer Switch SP-TS4500-24

  • Spartan Power 5500 Watt Transfer Switch by Great for Solar & Wind SP-TS4500PLUS