Spartan Power Jump Starters

Spartan Power, a Reno NV based company knows what heat can do to a battery. That’s why we ensure that each battery cell used in¬†Spartan Power Jump Starters have all gone through high temperature tolerance testings before the production process. Be wary of outrageous starting claims made by some manufacturers. The Spartan Power SP-JS20K 20,000mAh jump starters can safely start any gas engine up to 6.5L & diesel engines up to 5.2L which means it will start the most popular engines found in Ford, Chevy, Dodge/Ram, GMC, Toyota, Nissan, etc. The SP-JS20K can jump start a 3.2L gas engine (capable of 6.5L) on a full charge over 70 times and it’s cycle life is > 1000 charges. The included adapters can charge virtually any cell phone and laptop, charge your device on the go, never get stuck with another dead battery again!

High Temperature Tolerance Test:
The battery cells in the Spartan Power SP-JS20K JumpStarter are manufactured by a factory with over 13 years experience producing LiPo batteries, and the only supplier whose battery cells go through 149F high temperature test in a vacuum environment a week before assembling. Those battery cells from manufacturers that do not go through high temperature tolerance testing will have a high rate of swelling and burning.

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    SP-JS20K 450A/900A Jump Starter

    The SP-JS20K is one of the most powerful portable car jump starters on the market today! Spartan Power, a Reno NV based company knows what heat can do to a…

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